Key Management

Pankaj Gupta

( CEO )

Pankaj Gupta is a highly experienced professional in the investment sector, boasting over 20 years of expertise. He’s recognized as the founder of Spectrum Investment and is a key member of the Board. His role revolves around overseeing how investments are distributed, whether through various channels, direct sales, or institutional avenues. He’s deeply involved in shaping business strategies, managing finances, and ensuring smooth distribution operations.
Pankaj Gupta actively steers the company’s growth by contributing extensively to strategy formulation. His responsibilities extend to handling employee relations and communication within the organization.

Richa Varshney

( Director )

Richa Varshney is a postgraduate who has used her resourcefulness and creativity to create success. With a passion for working hard, this attribute of Richa has helped the company grow by leaps and bounds. Richa contributes to the success of the company with her insight into key business levers and understanding of all business dynamics.
Through her intense involvement in the processes of formulating strategy, she also directs the strategic direction and growth of the business. She also plays a crucial part in handling the relationship with staff and interaction. With a background in entrepreneurship, she has consistently propelled startups and established companies to new heights of growth.

Rajesh Singh

( Deputy Vice President )

Rajeev Varshney is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience across Banking, Finance, Organizational Strategy, Operations, and Risk Management. Mr. Varshney leads Spectrum Fintech as a COO. Having spent around 19 years with HSBC Bank and around 12 years with Max Life Insurance, he is now responsible for ensuring compliance, streamlining backend operations, expense management, budgeting, and future expansion plans at Spectrum Investment.
His early banking experience set the path for his deep awareness of financial systems, market trends, and risk factors. As an expert in organizational strategy, Rajeev has showcased his ability to envision and implement strategies that align with broader business objectives. His comprehensive understanding of risk assessment, mitigation, and compliance has positioned him as a trusted leader.

Sandeep Kumar Sinha

( CEO )

Sandeep Kumar Sinha is a Senior Management Professional with 28 Years of Command experience in BSF. Distinguished by Command performance in the field of Management, Administration, Team building, and Business Development. He has played a key role in strategizing synergy and coordination amongst the field teams of the company. He joined the Team Spectrum Fintech in February 2019 and is heading the channel as Director (Sales).
Mr. Sandeep has demonstrated exceptional prowess in steering companies towards sustained growth and excellence. As a Director (Sales), he has exhibited a strategic mindset and an innate talent for understanding market dynamics.
His ability to foster collaborative work environments has played a pivotal role in building motivated teams that consistently deliver exceptional results.